Aphrodite goddess driftwood sculpture. (x)

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Oya has a special power over egguns, for being the mother of 9 of them. Lover of war fought alongside Oggun and Shango in campaigns that they performed. Shango was accompanied when he left Oyo and Queen of Kosso was named by this. Her cult is territory Tapa, Kosso and Oyo. Oya’s name comes from Yorùbá Òyá (Olo: owner - Oya: darkness) also known as Yansá de el Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iya: mother - Omo: children - Mesa: nine)

Yanza Jekua Jeyy! Ase OOO!

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"Shango with his three wives Oshun, Oya, and Oba"

Acrylic And Enamel on Board 30”x48”

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Alone by  PinkParasol

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Mythology Daily ⊱ Mayan Thursday


Chac was the god of rain, lightning and storms and is often represented holding axes and snakes that he uses to hit the clouds to produce rain. He was helped in his duties by dwarfs. His actions assured the growth of maize and vegetation in general as well as natural cycles of life. Natural events of different intensities from the vivify rain, and storms, to the more dangerous and destructive hailstorms and hurricanes were considered manifestations of the god..
According to Maya cosmology, Chaac was also linked to the four cardinal directions. Each world direction, in fact, was connected with one aspect of Chaac and a specific color: Chaak Xib Chaac, was the Red Chaac of the East, Sak Xib Chaac, the White Chaac of the North, Ex Xib Chaac, the Black Chaac of the West, and Kan Xib Chaac, the Yellow Chaac of the South. These were the Chaacob (plural for Chaac) and were worshipped as deities in many parts of the Maya area, especially in Yucatan.
For the ancient Maya, the rain god had a particularly strong relationship with rulers, because—at least for the earlier periods of Maya history—rulers were considered rainmakers, and in later periods, were able to communicate and intercede with the gods. The alter-ego of Maya shamans and rulers, whose roles often overlapped, especially in the Preclassic period, were in fact able to reach the inaccessible places where the rain gods dwelled, and intercede with them for the people. These deities were believed to live on the top of the mountains and in high forests which were often hidden by clouds. These were the places where, in the rainy seasons, the clouds were hit by Chaac and his helpers and the rains were announced by thunder and lightning. [x]

I got to see quite a few artistic interpretations of Chac while I was studying Mayan archaeology in Mexico in 2012. Very interesting character, he is.

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Noekken with his fiddle by Niobesnuppa

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MYTHOLOGY MEME | mythological object [1/2]

Pandora was the first woman who was formed out of clay. The Titan Prometheus, who was originally tasked with creating men, stole fire from the heavens out of defiance. Angered, Zeus ordered the other gods to create a woman, Pandora, who was beautiful and intelligent. She was given to Prometheus’s younger brother, Epimetheus, for a bride. Upon arriving at his house, Pandora, out of curiosity, opened the pithos which Zeus had given her as a wedding present, releasing the swarm of evil spirits trapped within. Only Elpis, Hope, remained obediently behind, a single blessing to aid mankind in its suffering.

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I hail the sun!

Rise up from the dark,

rise up in Dag.

Out of Ginnungagap.

Ash Yggdrasil.

In your light the seed shall grow.

In your darkness the seed shall die.

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